In 2004 Denise had the chance to know the Novalis deux project during the 5-year Black Rain festival tour, but at that time still as substitute violinist for the band Kutna Hora. In 2005 she added the violin sound to the recordings for the album "Paradise" as a guest musician and then became a permanent member of Novalis deux.

In 2006 Sylvio joined the band, initially for the electric guitar part but later also for acoustic guitar, piano and vocals as a second voice.

In 2012 Dominik joined the group as a drummer and had his first appearance in Zurich at the Totentanz Festival.

Ronny had his first technical assignment at Novalis deux in 2012 as well as a performance in Zurich, where he fulfilled his tas of sound engineer.

After the termination of Novalis deux at the end of 2019, Ronny, Dominik, Sylvio and Denise decided not to quit music and founded the following band MysticMind in early 2020.



joint appearances / albums with the band members of Novalis deux: